January 5, 2017

Wedding Films

JohnPaul & Katy – Amarillo TX Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Adair Photography
Church: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Amarillo, TX
Venue: The Bowery Warehouse, Amarillo, TX

Since we started looking at weddings more like special events and less like hollywood movie productions some things have happened. There is the personal side, for example. How we have been trying to connect more with the feelings and emotions of our clients and their day, how we have been more open to special and unexpected moments, how we have been trying to portray weddings from a more ‘real’ and ‘unique’ perspective. We have been stepping out of clichés in wedding storytelling, not just for the sake of it, but mainly because we found our work could be more human, meaningful, and honest.

At the same time we have come to appreciate wedding stories as… well, wedding stories. The personalities of the bride and groom, family members and friends, the conversations, the laughter, the fun, the excitement, the small moments, the big moments, everything, it all connects in a way that make every wedding an opportunity to look around and be amazed at the beauty and complexity of love and life.

One of the things that I (Robert) particularly love to see is when we capture some emotion from the groom. It’s one of the things that I like about first looks, or about the moment when the bride walks down the aisle. Not always, but in general, men are a bit more reserved about how they feel. I can totally connect with the groom sometimes being nervous, excited, happy, and in love. There is, however, another important man in the wedding day: the bride’s dad. I think it’s beautiful when we can see even if just a glimpse of the relationship between a father and his daughter. It is just great when we can include that in the story of the wedding.

JohnPaul and Katy brought us to Amarillo, TX, to film their special day. They are both super nice people, and they were so awesome to work with. We are so thankful. Their wedding had both a groom in love and a loving father, and this film explores some of this…

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