July 10, 2017

Wedding Films

Together // Full Length Wedding Video

The Wedding of Ben & Jordan

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Brittany Black Photography
Venue: Victor’s Event Room

Here is one more of our Features, a 15 min film.

From the beginning we knew we wanted to film Ben & Jordan’s wedding. We love making our films in a way that truly portrait our clients, so when they mentioned they were looking for something that felt like ‘them’ we knew we were a good match. As for the wedding, there were many beautiful moments, but also some things that continue to make us smile when we watch the film. I am so thankful for clients that trust us enough to be themselves in front of the camera. Our work becomes so much more personal, and I truly believe films like this will stand the test of time…

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March 5, 2017

Wedding Films

The Garden // A Dallas Arboretum Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Heather Rowland Photography
Venue: Dallas Arboretum
Makeup: Blushington
Hair: Dry Bar
Planner: Jennie Plumlee

In a way, we constantly have to remind ourselves that nothing is ordinary. During the wedding day or in the editing stage we try to have this in my mind. Things only ‘seem’ ordinary because we are used to see them in the same way, but we need to have a perspective that goes beyond that. In a way, it’s about exploring the idea that everything that happens is like a note falling in the right place to create just the perfect melody. Each time the melody is a different one, but we can only find it if we stop and listen. The simple things, the everyday moments, casual chats, they are all meaningful and they are part of something bigger. It is there where we can find a very special kind of beauty, such as in this film.

We are excited to share this one with all of you and we hope you enjoy checking it out!

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February 14, 2017

Wedding Films

Without Reservation // Mexico Wedding Video

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Rick Davila Photography
Ceremony: Cathedral of Guadalupe Dallas
Reception: Big Sky Event Hall

It has been a while since we shared one of our longer Features. If you have 15 minutes we invite you to watch!

One of the things we’ve been attempting for a while is “being invisible.” In the editing room we do incorporate our vision, we make use of different storytelling techniques, and spend LOTS of time refining every single shot, sound, and the ideas they communicate. During the wedding day, however, it’s all about capturing frames, compositions, and sounds that are full of life and meaning. So here’s the main thing: we want to avoid, as much as possible, anything that takes away attention from the story. We believe the best cinema is the one where the filmmaker has done such good job at disappear, that the focus of the viewer is entirely in the ideas being communicated.

In order to make something like this, we are always looking for something to connect personally. The technical aspects of the shoot can be overwhelming, but not only do we want to capture a wedding, we want to feel it. We want to see the day through the eyes of the bride, we want to understand the excitement of the groom, we want to feel the curiosity of the little flower girl. Only then we can start appreciating the look from the bride’s dad, or see how meaningful that slow walk of the grandparents will be years later.

Lizette and Jose are a very special, kind, and loving couple. We don’t do Love Story films often, but we worked on one to be played at their reception. We met several times throughout the year leading to the wedding, we were there when the wedding party was announced, we attended their wedding shower, we heard their story and plans multiple times, so finding that personal connection was not hard at all. I believe this allowed our film to be more genuine, and we were able to “disappear” better to make Lizette and Jose’s story shine. We truly appreciate this couple and watching their film makes us both feel we are watching the wedding of two good friends…

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August 18, 2016

Wedding Films

Joshua & Chandler

*Note: to watch the short Highlights Film instead of the Feature click HERE.

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Amy Zumwalt Photographers
Venue: Aristide at Mansfield
Planner: Brooke Millis at ‘Each and Every Detail’
Makeup: Style by Shanna
Florals: Luxe Petals
DJ: Simply Music
Cake: Texas Star Bakery

Not every time do we get the opportunity to know our clients or to connect with them as with this couple. It’s already been about a year now since we were first getting in touch with Chandler and her mom to discuss the possibility of us filming the wedding… and let me tell you, this turned out to be a real special event in so many levels. It has been the first morning wedding we’ve ever filmed, the reception was also different, but more than anything else, Josh and Chandler gave us the opportunity to know them and make a portrait of them and their family in a very personal way. We are SO THANKFUL to have found a couple and their family that trusted us like this.

As a business we are trying to transition into making more personal and authentic work, and this film is just a perfect example. We want to tell stories that feel real and honest. We want to make films that invite the viewer to appreciate the beauty of love and life… and for this we just need to open our eyes and listen carefully, because love and life is all around us.

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August 2, 2016

Wedding Films

Bryan & Roselynn

Cinematography and Editing: Robert J. P. Oberg and Sunny

Photography: Jonny Ngo
Ceremony: Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Zander’s House
Makeup: Quynh Nguyen
Coordinator: Angel Tran at Love and Sparrows
DJ: RLF Society

I realized that we don’t post many completed films on our blog. In fact, this may actually be the very first time we do so. Yes, we are aware of the short attention span of most viewers, but we are daring to do things a little different. We believe in the value of the work we are producing, and this goes beyond the ‘wedding’ scope. These 15 minutes are worth your time.

This time we are sharing an American – Vietnamese story. Sunny being from China and I being from Mexico we can relate to couples from different cultural backgrounds. Relationships like this come with some challenges, but it also has some real nice surprises (and some amazing food!). In the end I think it all comes down to love and communication, two elements that bring us together as people regardless of culture. One more thing about this wedding that we wanted to incorporate in their film was the Tea Ceremony. This tradition is like a formal introduction of the two families and a way to ask permission for the groom to marry the bride. Again I find it very interesting when there are different cultural backgrounds involved. This ceremony is treated with lots of respect towards parents/grandparents/older generations, but in this particular case you could also feel a very special welcoming and warmth coming from Roselynn’s family. I think this is so awesome: witnessing a culture opening its arms and accepting that love can make a family from totally different people…

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September 14, 2014

Wedding Films

Alex & Evie Danforth

Cinematographers: Robert J. P. Oberg & Sunny Zhao
Art Direction & Edition: Robert J. P. Oberg

Photography: Meredith Bacon Photography
Planner: Meggie Francisco Events
Venue: 1010 Collins
Catering: Blue Agave Catering
Hair/Makeup: We Are The Beloved

Before anything else let me tell you: if you have 20 minutes scroll down and watch the completed Feature Film. You won’t regret it.

As wedding cinematographers, one of our goals is to capture and portray true emotion through our films, THIS is the perfect example. This wedding had so many beautiful moments and so much love, that it was truly an honor to be invited to shoot it. Alex and Evie are such an awesome couple. From our first time meeting I already knew their wedding day was something to look forward to. Not only are they totally in love with each other, but also their passion for God was an inspiration for us.

I hope that you will enjoy the story of their day as much as we do. Congratulations to Alex and Evie, and many …

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March 17, 2014


Wedding Film vs Wedding Video

I had originally written about two pages for this blog post, but for the sake of simplicity I decided to make a short video explaining my key points. Wedding Cinematography (also called Wedding Filmmaking) is a relatively new industry that many people do not know a lot about. It was just until about six years ago, with the dSLR video revolution, that we were capable of providing the production value and amazing storytelling that we now can give in our Films. 

If you are a bride I encourage you to watch this clip for information on what is a Wedding Film and how it is different to a traditional Wedding Video. In my opinion, and having a Wedding Videography background, I believe that Wedding Cinematography and Wedding Videography are two different things, apart from the fact that both are dealing with moving images. Of course we still do a form of video, and we get called videographers all the time, but Wedding Cinematography has gone a step further than the commonly thought.

Here is the most recent Wedding Feature Film for you …

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