Some of our Short Films


Some things you just know without exactly knowing why. Some things you just feel and understand.

Forever Always

We like to think that every wedding film exists in its own universe and it’s our job to discover it.

Matthew & Rebecca

We love it when we can find small sub-stories as part of the bigger wedding story…

Tanner & Meredith

One of the things we like about being wedding filmmakers is that we get to meet some really awesome people…

Joshua & Chandler

Not every time do we get the opportunity to know our clients or to connect with them as with this couple. It’s already been about a year now since we were first getting in touch with Chandler and her mom to discuss the possibility of us filming the wedding… and let me tell you, this turned out to be a real special event in so many levels.

Kason & Brandi

I’ve always been fascinated by the different forms of human expression. More specifically, expression that is not limited to words….