July 10, 2017

Wedding Films

Together // Full Length Wedding Video

The Wedding of Ben & Jordan

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Brittany Black Photography
Venue: Victor’s Event Room

Here is one more of our Features, a 15 min film.

From the beginning we knew we wanted to film Ben & Jordan’s wedding. We love making our films in a way that truly portrait our clients, so when they mentioned they were looking for something that felt like ‘them’ we knew we were a good match. As for the wedding, there were many beautiful moments, but also some things that continue to make us smile when we watch the film. I am so thankful for clients that trust us enough to be themselves in front of the camera. Our work becomes so much more personal, and I truly believe films like this will stand the test of time…

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April 6, 2017

Wedding Films

Intuitions // Dallas Wedding Video

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Fairy Tale Photography
Venue: Lone Star Mansion

Some things you just know without exactly knowing why. Some things you just feel and understand. I find it amusing that moments, decisions, or situations like this are presented to us everyday. We follow our intuition and heart more often than we realize. In a way or another this ‘knowing without knowing’ moved me (Robert) that very first time I met my wife. Perhaps some of you can identify.

“Emotions are all we’ve got” – Mick Boyle

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March 5, 2017

Wedding Films

The Garden // A Dallas Arboretum Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Heather Rowland Photography
Venue: Dallas Arboretum
Makeup: Blushington
Hair: Dry Bar
Planner: Jennie Plumlee

In a way, we constantly have to remind ourselves that nothing is ordinary. During the wedding day or in the editing stage we try to have this in my mind. Things only ‘seem’ ordinary because we are used to see them in the same way, but we need to have a perspective that goes beyond that. In a way, it’s about exploring the idea that everything that happens is like a note falling in the right place to create just the perfect melody. Each time the melody is a different one, but we can only find it if we stop and listen. The simple things, the everyday moments, casual chats, they are all meaningful and they are part of something bigger. It is there where we can find a very special kind of beauty, such as in this film.

We are excited to share this one with all of you and we hope you enjoy checking it out!

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February 14, 2017

Wedding Films

Without Reservation // Mexico Wedding Video

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Rick Davila Photography
Ceremony: Cathedral of Guadalupe Dallas
Reception: Big Sky Event Hall

It has been a while since we shared one of our longer Features. If you have 15 minutes we invite you to watch!

One of the things we’ve been attempting for a while is “being invisible.” In the editing room we do incorporate our vision, we make use of different storytelling techniques, and spend LOTS of time refining every single shot, sound, and the ideas they communicate. During the wedding day, however, it’s all about capturing frames, compositions, and sounds that are full of life and meaning. So here’s the main thing: we want to avoid, as much as possible, anything that takes away attention from the story. We believe the best cinema is the one where the filmmaker has done such good job at disappear, that the focus of the viewer is entirely in the ideas being communicated.

In order to make something like this, we are always looking for something to connect personally. The technical aspects of the shoot can be overwhelming, but not only do we want to capture a wedding, we want to feel it. We want to see the day through the eyes of the bride, we want to understand the excitement of the groom, we want to feel the curiosity of the little flower girl. Only then we can start appreciating the look from the bride’s dad, or see how meaningful that slow walk of the grandparents will be years later.

Lizette and Jose are a very special, kind, and loving couple. We don’t do Love Story films often, but we worked on one to be played at their reception. We met several times throughout the year leading to the wedding, we were there when the wedding party was announced, we attended their wedding shower, we heard their story and plans multiple times, so finding that personal connection was not hard at all. I believe this allowed our film to be more genuine, and we were able to “disappear” better to make Lizette and Jose’s story shine. We truly appreciate this couple and watching their film makes us both feel we are watching the wedding of two good friends…

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January 5, 2017

Wedding Films

JohnPaul & Katy – Amarillo TX Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Adair Photography
Church: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Amarillo, TX
Venue: The Bowery Warehouse, Amarillo, TX

Since we started looking at weddings more like special events and less like hollywood movie productions some things have happened. There is the personal side, for example. How we have been trying to connect more with the feelings and emotions of our clients and their day, how we have been more open to special and unexpected moments, how we have been trying to portray weddings from a more ‘real’ and ‘unique’ perspective. We have been stepping out of clichés in wedding storytelling, not just for the sake of it, but mainly because we found our work could be more human, meaningful, and honest.

At the same time we have come to appreciate wedding stories as… well, wedding stories. The personalities of the bride and groom, family members and friends, the conversations, the laughter, the fun, the excitement, the small moments, the big moments, everything, it all connects in a way that make every wedding an opportunity to look around and be amazed at the beauty and complexity of love and life.

One of the things that I (Robert) particularly love to see is when we capture some emotion from the groom. It’s one of the things that I like about first looks, or about the moment when the bride walks down the aisle. Not always, but in general, men are a bit more reserved about how they feel. I can totally connect with the groom sometimes being nervous, excited, happy, and in love. There is, however, another important man in the wedding day: the bride’s dad. I think it’s beautiful when we can see even if just a glimpse of the relationship between a father and his daughter. It is just great when we can include that in the story of the wedding.

JohnPaul and Katy brought us to Amarillo, TX, to film their special day. They are both super nice people, and they were so awesome to work with. We are so thankful. Their wedding had both a groom in love and a loving father, and this film explores some of this…

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December 20, 2016

Wedding Films

Kason & Brandi – Fulford Barn Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Aric+Casey Photography
Venue: Fulford Barn, Brownfield, TX

I’ve always been fascinated by the different forms of human expression. More specifically, expression that is not limited to words. Expressing things, for example, though images and sounds, brush strokes and colors, major and minor notes, rhythm, melodies, etc. Whether it is painting, music, photography, or other forms of art, I think it is pretty magical that we can understand things that are not necessarily laid out in a literal way. There is more, though. I think we are all equipped with the most amazing forms of expression. A lot can be said with just a look, gesture, or body language. And… so much of this is already around us in our every day, but I really love that wedding filmmaking is giving us the opportunity to explore this.

Now, sometimes we do have to pay extra attention in how we find emotion, how we capture it, and how we portray it. Other times (like in this wedding!) it seems as if all the feelings and emotions are so clear, and there is so much of it all, that you can easily notice what I mentioned above. Just seeing how the bride looked at her groom, and the other way around, you could already know their love and happiness. There was excitement in the voice of Kason when talking about Brandi, and there was just something special in those moments of the bride putting on her dress prior to the ceremony. And I haven’t even mentioned all the beautiful words they wrote to each other and the very emotive surprise toast. Yes, this wedding was beautiful…

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November 29, 2016

Wedding Films

David & Sarah – City Club Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Tracy Autem and Lightly Photography
Ceremony: Robert Carr Chapel, Fort Worth
Reception: City Club, Fort Worth
Planner: Sarabeth Events
Band: Signed Sealed Delivered
Flowers: Justine Flowers

“It feels so real and raw” is something we are hearing more often in regards to our work. And we are glad we can make something that feels like this. While in search for our own voice in the wedding video industry, we realized that the way to make something meaningful was to make it real and authentic. This element of authenticity goes beyond ‘just’ quality in the technical aspects of the job, but it has more to do with a vision and with expression. We are glad to be able to share what we see in a wedding day, the ‘how’ we see it, and we are honored when others understand or feel identified with some of the feelings we portray…

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