August 9, 2017


Hi Mexico!

We don’t normally share personal stuff on here, but the support from past clients, friends, and other professionals in the industry has always been incredible, so I feel it necessary to share this update.

In a few words… we have moved out of America down to Mexico! It was decided in the middle of 2016. I won’t go too much into details, but I must say that from the business side of things, being in a comfortable + successful stage, meeting professional goals whenever set and already being part of a network, leaving everything back in the US was a very tough decision.

When I first went to America for school years ago I had no idea where that would take me. Somewhere along the way I met the love of my life, Sunny, and we started this adventure called Robert Oberg Wedding Films. Now we are back in my home country, with a lot of experiences we would not change, and with new goals and dreams. Some change once in a while is good, and we can’t complain: the food here is amazing, we live 15 minutes away from a lovely beach, and there’s family/relatives all around. Sometimes, however, we continue to miss Texas. We know we have a new set of challenges coming up, and some things won’t be easy. It truly is a bittersweet feeling.

Our business in Dallas took off quickly thanks to the amazing support and trust we received from all of you. We were able to develop a personal vision for what we were doing, and we became more passionate about it as time went by. We have met beautiful people and have had the privilege to tell their stories. Honestly, we even feel joy every time we see past clients happy, or with babies, or just seeing their growth as a married couple. We have worked side by side with some amazing artists (photographers), crazy good planners, fun and talented DJs/bands, and a ton of other well-respected professionals. We are thankful to God and to everyone we met along the way.

Now that we are in Mexico the industry is something new for us. We are seeking to build business relationships, connect with vendors, and find those stories that we will film and share. But… you may still be able to help. Past clients, if you haven’t already, please drop us a review on WeddingWire (HERE!). Since they have a section for wedding vendors in Mexico this is currently one of the top ways American couples marrying down here can find us, so your review can make a difference. We hope to eventually move towards word-of-mouth referrals, connecting with photographers and planners, so if you share our work with anyone you think could help, it would seriously mean the world to us. Friends, if you are part of a wedding down here, and if you are involved in the planning in some way, we would appreciate it so much if you could keep us in mind.

Our leaving Dallas happened so fast. We didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to half the people we wanted to. Please know that you are all welcome down here anytime! We love you all!

Thank you, America. Thank you, God, for everything until now.

Here’s to the beginning of this new season. Viva México!

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