December 20, 2016

Wedding Films

Kason & Brandi – Fulford Barn Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Aric+Casey Photography
Venue: Fulford Barn, Brownfield, TX

I’ve always been fascinated by the different forms of human expression. More specifically, expression that is not limited to words. Expressing things, for example, though images and sounds, brush strokes and colors, major and minor notes, rhythm, melodies, etc. Whether it is painting, music, photography, or other forms of art, I think it is pretty magical that we can understand things that are not necessarily laid out in a literal way. There is more, though. I think we are all equipped with the most amazing forms of expression. A lot can be said with just a look, gesture, or body language. And… so much of this is already around us in our every day, but I really love that wedding filmmaking is giving us the opportunity to explore this.

Now, sometimes we do have to pay extra attention in how we find emotion, how we capture it, and how we portray it. Other times (like in this wedding!) it seems as if all the feelings and emotions are so clear, and there is so much of it all, that you can easily notice what I mentioned above. Just seeing how the bride looked at her groom, and the other way around, you could already know their love and happiness. There was excitement in the voice of Kason when talking about Brandi, and there was just something special in those moments of the bride putting on her dress prior to the ceremony. And I haven’t even mentioned all the beautiful words they wrote to each other and the very emotive surprise toast. Yes, this wedding was beautiful…

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