November 29, 2016

Wedding Films

David & Sarah – City Club Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Tracy Autem and Lightly Photography
Ceremony: Robert Carr Chapel, Fort Worth
Reception: City Club, Fort Worth
Planner: Sarabeth Events
Band: Signed Sealed Delivered
Flowers: Justine Flowers

“It feels so real and raw” is something we are hearing more often in regards to our work. And we are glad we can make something that feels like this. While in search for our own voice in the wedding video industry, we realized that the way to make something meaningful was to make it real and authentic. This element of authenticity goes beyond ‘just’ quality in the technical aspects of the job, but it has more to do with a vision and with expression. We are glad to be able to share what we see in a wedding day, the ‘how’ we see it, and we are honored when others understand or feel identified with some of the feelings we portray…

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November 17, 2016

Wedding Films

Ji Yi & Ariella – Trophy Club Wedding

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Sergio Mejia
Ceremony: Arlington Chinese Church
Reception: Trophy Club

If weddings could be described with a color, Ji Yi and Ariella’s would be red. Their wedding, even though in America, had a very Chinese feel. In China, red color represents good luck and happiness… this was, indeed, a very happy celebration.

One of the things I love about this culture is the respect to older generations and the importance they place on family. Parents from both sides shared some words at the reception and they had us all in tears. Some people made it through the engagement video that was projected, some others were able to make it through Ariella’s dad toast, but by the time Ji Yi’s mom spoke very few had dry eyes. It was very touching to hear about how much both families loved their children, and how happy they were for them…

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November 2, 2016

Wedding Films

Ryan & Sydney – Hobby Center Wedding – Houston

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Philip Thomas
Ceremony: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Houston
Reception: Hobby Center
Planner: Mallory Ferreira at Two Be Wed

We believe there is a special “something” when we tell the wedding story based on natural moments. The emotion, the feelings, the joy and happiness… it’s all very real. So we’ve been trying to step back from directing or staging, and we are trying to pay attention to the little moments and situations that make every wedding unique.

The day usually goes by really fast, and when we look at the footage weeks after, we can see things we didn’t even notice while being there. Small gestures can reveal personalities, and distant sounds can bring us back to that very place. That’s a big part of our job. To see things and details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Little pieces of life that once connected in a film can recreate that day in a very personal way. Rather than making weddings feel like Hollywood movies, we want them to feel like intimate portraits. We want our work to be about the people. We want it to be about love… and more often than not, love does not need extra decorations: it is beautiful in itself.

Then there is the cinematic element. Sound, images, shooting and editing techniques. All of these can bring that extra bit of magic, but if not careful they can also take over. That’s why we are being very mindful of every detail in our films, every single shot and sound is carefully chosen. In the end, we want to make films that feel honest and authentic. We want our clients to see their film and know that’s them…

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