October 17, 2016

Wedding Films

Tanner & Meredith

*Note: to watch the longer Feature Film instead of the short click HERE.

Cinematography and Editing: Robert and Sunny
Photography: Artistry in Focus
Venue: Hidden Waters

One of the things we like about being wedding filmmakers is that we get to meet some really awesome people. I believe it is truly an honor to be chosen by our clients for capturing one of the most important days of their lives, but even more than that, it is something extra-special when we really get to capture who they are. This, as simple as it sounds, is one of the biggest challenges for us holding the cameras. It goes beyond simply documenting an event, it is more about learning who we are as human beings, paying attention to people and their relationships, trying to have a better understanding of emotions, how the person in front the camera feels, how we can translate all of that to moving images and sounds.

And still… in the end, this craft would be nothing without trust. I think this is one of key elements in our work. It is something we don’t take for granted and something we continue to pursue. It takes trust to hire a filmmaker for your day. It also takes trust to be oneself when there’s a camera around, it really does. But as you can see, that’s when we are able to make a more honest portrait of our couples. The whole thing feels more personal. That’s something we really loved from Meredith and Tanner. Not only are they beautiful people, not only could we see how much they loved each other, but being around them we could also feel their trust towards us. That says a lot of who they are, and it also means a lot to us…

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