November 14, 2014


Romantic Elements

Wedding cinematography is all about planning ahead of time. Actually, I would say that planning is one of the biggest elements that can contribute to an incredible film, beautiful photos, and a perfect day for the couple, guests, and all vendors. From a cinematographer’s perspective, we pay extra attention on how we plan for the most important moments because they will help us tell the story of the day.

What are those important moments? What are those elements that can help us capture the personality of our clients, and represent well the emotion and feelings of a wedding? As I’ve mentioned before, there are the some key moments that we find in almost every wedding: the moment right after the bride gets in her dress and everyone is saying beautiful words to her, the expression of the groom as she is walking down the aisle, the vows, the first kiss at the end of the ceremony, the first dance. Now, if you would like to have some more moments like these in your wedding, I’d like to share some ideas.

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