July 14, 2014


Wedding Toasts – Tips and Tricks

The toasts or speeches of your wedding day are elements that can bring a lot of emotion to a beautiful and well-crafted wedding film. As I have mentioned it before, toasts can make a film personal and compelling. I believe a wedding film can say a lot not only about an event, but also about the couple getting married. A wedding film is a portrait of two person’s personality, a picture of who they are together, a painting of their love, and a story about how these special souls become one. No one can tell us your story better than the closest friends or family.

Now, as a wedding cinematographer I can run on the risk of seeing this only from my perspective. Leaving the wedding films and after-party memories aside, I also believe a toast is an important tradition that shouldn’t be forgotten. I believe it is a lovely way to tell your guests and acquaintances who you are as a couple. This is one of the reasons we do weddings: to share with others about the love you have …

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