June 26, 2014

Wedding Films

Travis & Sarah Covington

Cinematographers: Robert J. P. Oberg & Sunny Zhao
Art Direction & Edition: Robert J. P. Oberg

Photography: The Nichols
Venue: Wild Onion Ranch, Austin, TX
Makeup: Face Kandy
Hair: Danielle Barr
Florist: Unexpected Elements
Photo Booth: Hotdog Photo Booth
Band: Texas Unlimited Band
Wedding Coordinator: WHITT

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to shoot Travis and Sarah’s wedding. We broke the record here in being booked just two or three days prior to the wedding. Since it was an out of town event we didn’t have a chance to meet with them until the rehearsal day. Regardless of the short time we had to prepare, Travis and the wedding coordinator (WITT) were incredibly helpful with everything we needed… and… when I say incredibly helpful I do mean it. I believe a huge part of making wedding films has to do with preparing and planning well for the day, so shooting just two days from being booked means that everything was quite perfect in the production schedule …

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June 16, 2014


The Importance of Audio in the Edit

As a wedding cinematographer, I spend more time editing the footage I shoot than actually shooting it. Most people do not know all that goes into editing, but like a fellow video producer said, “this is the kind of job where you work eight hours to get two minutes of work done.” Those two minutes, however, are incredibly rewarding when the product is finished. I am self-taught in editing, as well as in every other aspect of filmmaking, so my learning curve has been longer than others. I wish there had been someone to give me some kind of guidance; it would have saved me a lot of headaches and time. So… I would like to share some insight into the editing process.


The single most important thing that I analyze when I’m starting an edit is everything that was spoken through a microphone. With that, I also mean planning before the wedding day and being ready to capture what will build the story in the editing stage. Here is basically how I use the audio recorded:


Audio from the Ceremony – makes …

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