March 17, 2014


Wedding Film vs Wedding Video

I had originally written about two pages for this blog post, but for the sake of simplicity I decided to make a short video explaining my key points. Wedding Cinematography (also called Wedding Filmmaking) is a relatively new industry that many people do not know a lot about. It was just until about six years ago, with the dSLR video revolution, that we were capable of providing the production value and amazing storytelling that we now can give in our Films. 

If you are a bride I encourage you to watch this clip for information on what is a Wedding Film and how it is different to a traditional Wedding Video. In my opinion, and having a Wedding Videography background, I believe that Wedding Cinematography and Wedding Videography are two different things, apart from the fact that both are dealing with moving images. Of course we still do a form of video, and we get called videographers all the time, but Wedding Cinematography has gone a step further than the commonly thought.

Here is the most recent Wedding Feature Film for you …

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March 12, 2014

Wedding Films

Josh & Hannah Hemby

Cinematographers: Robert J. P. Oberg and Sunny Zhao
Art Direction & Edition: Robert J. P. Oberg

Photography: Elisabeth Carol Photography
Venue: Community Life Church, Sunnyvale, TX

A beautiful wedding from a lovely couple. We have crafted this Highlights Film focusing on the touching moments of Josh and Hannah’s day, our last wedding of 2013. This wedding caught us by surprise since we had no plans to shoot on that day and we were booked just a week prior to the event. Regardless of the short time, Josh and Hannah were very helpful on listening our advice, following our requests, and helping us work smoothly throughout the day. Their wedding felt to us as if we had planned it for a long time, and it was such an amazing time of us to witness so much happiness and love between this couple.

There were so many special moments on their day and so many beautiful words spoken that it was easy to find the story of their Wedding Film Feature. It was a memorable occasion and a pleasure to work for a couple so …

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