February 17, 2014


Making it Personal

Like mentioned in the last post, every wedding has unique story to it. Maybe every wedding will have a cake, a first dance, a ceremony, similar vows, a bouquet toss, etc. As a wedding cinematographer and even more, as an artist, I want to be able to identify the emotional expression flowing through it. Attention photographers! You may also want to look for this in your work. Attention brides! You may want to hire vendors that connect with you past the camera or tools of trade.

On regards to Wedding Films: it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words… how about a picture in motion? If you realize the importance of well-captured audio, creatively shot angles, continuity in footage sequences, and a carefully edited piece of art, then you may start to understand the potential of a well-crafted wedding film.

Photography is a wonderful way to see and share a wedding day, and I agree in the importance of it, but with a wedding film (which is frequently underrated) you can now have moments that last more than …

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February 14, 2014


The Importance of the Wedding Story

I remember the first time I was asked to do a wedding video, . I had never helped anyone take video at a wedding or event before. While I had done a couple of movie projects for school, and I loved filmmaking (I still do), it never occurred to me that a wedding could be shot and edited like a real film.

What is one of the main characteristics of film productions? They have a story as a foundation for every element.

My first wedding video, regardless of the thousand or more mistakes I made, ended up not being so bad. I made a short and exciting highlights video from it, and it actually brought me requests for more wedding videos, and that’s how the whole thing started. I would always try to cover every moment and edit in a somewhat exciting way. Life was good like that… until I realized the potential of finding the story in a wedding, and telling it with professional film production techniques. 

I found that rather than just shooting videos, I wanted to make films: stories that …

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February 13, 2014

Wedding Films

Tom & Nhu Nguyen

Cinematographers: Robert J. P. Oberg, Sunny Zhao, and Yuta Matsui
Art Direction & Edition: Robert J. P. Oberg

Photography: Hoang Vu Photography
Ceremony: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Richardson, TX
Venue: Caravelle Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

Last December I shot some weddings that I didn’t have in schedule, but nevertheless I was more than pleased to attend. I edited the story of this film not only around Tom and Nhu, but also around their friends and family members. A beautiful element that I noticed in this wedding was the spontaneity and the warmth given from everyone around the couple. This started from the rehearsal, and continued all throughout the wedding.

I am thankful to Tom and Nhu Nguyen for letting me and my team shoot their special day. It was great to have Fr. Gan Nguyen as the ceremony officiant, his personality definitely warmed us all up in the midst of the cold day. Also, it was a pleasure to work side by side with photographer Hoang Vu, he was very helpful in communicating and cooperating with our team to capture every detail of …

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February 9, 2014



Hello, welcome to the blog! For some time now I have been running a wedding film and photography business under the name of Abide Studios. While I plan to continue using Abide Studios for other media portfolio in the future, I have now decided to rebrand into a new name and pay special attention in the area of wedding films. I love and enjoy doing photography, but I have decided this change in order to provide a more personalized, professional, and boutique style service to my clients. With this change I have also opened this new section in the site: a blog.

The purpose of this blog is not only to showcase our latest wedding films and write helpful tips for brides or brides-to-be, but I also intend to share interesting and inspiring ideas for others interested in wedding cinematography and/or photography. A lot of what I do is related to  emotions and feelings from wedding days, but there is much more going on behind the scenes. For me, wedding cinematography is not only about how to handle cameras, know about …

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