Real. Personal.


Some of our Work

In a Lifetime

We believe there is a special “something” when we tell the wedding story based on natural moments…

Meant to Be

“It feels so real and raw” is something we are hearing more often in regards to our work. And we are glad we can make something that feels like this…

Tanner & Meredith

One of the things we like about being wedding filmmakers is that we get to meet some really awesome people…

The Garden

In a way, we constantly have to remind ourselves that nothing is ordinary. During the wedding day or in the editing stage we try to have this in my mind.

Matthew & Rebecca

We love it when we can find small sub-stories as part of the bigger wedding story…

Couple black and white


Some things you just know without exactly knowing why. Some things you just feel and understand.

Wedding Film at Amarillo TX.

JohnPaul & Katy

Since we started looking at weddings more like special events and less like hollywood movie productions some things have happened…

Joshua & Chandler

Not every time do we get the opportunity to know our clients or to connect with them as with this couple. It’s already been about a year now since we were first getting in touch with Chandler and her mom to discuss the possibility of us filming the wedding… and let me tell you, this turned out to be a real special event in so many levels.

Forever Always

We like to think that every wedding film exists in its own universe and it’s our job to discover it.

...more than just images set to nice music, we want to make something true to who you are.

Robert Oberg


About our work

Heartfelt. Romantic.

We ALWAYS provide at least 2 cinematographers, full day (up to 12 hours) coverage, Master HD Files in USB, and an incredible wedding film for you to remember your special day. Instead of building our packages based on coverage time, our main goal during the wedding day is to capture all we need to tell your story in a compelling way.


Who and Why


Robert & Sunny

We are a husband and wife team based in MEXICO! We are passionate about art, life, and cinema. We appreciate small everyday moments, and we believe beauty is found everywhere around us.

We both love Independent, Documentary, and Arthouse Films. We love filmmaking that tells stories in a different but real and personal way. More than before we are seeking ways to appreciate simple moments of life, things that we see everyday but that shape who we are and how we act, how we live, and how we love. This is something we want to incorporate in our wedding films.

We are true believers that nothing we direct or over-produce can be as beautiful as reality itself. You, your beloved, and your own personal moments are the ones that make your film authentic and true to who you are. We find this is something lacking in the wedding filmmaking industry in general. We have experience, knowledge of light and audio, and high-end equipment to create amazing-looking images, but even more than pretty pictures set to nice music, we want to make something honest. We want to craft a memory that you can look back to and truly see who you were at this point of life, see the little things you missed, hear the small sounds you didn't hear at first, and in this way you can relive your wedding in a very unique way.

Thank you so much for checking out our work! If you are getting married and you feel you connect with our style feel free to reach out! We would love to use our vision to tell your story. Also... feel free to check Robert's personal instagram and instrumental compositions.

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